The Company

Financial innovation and information technologies have transformed the credit process over the last twenty years, laying bare inadequacies in regulatory policy and risk management frameworks around the world.  The process by which savings and deposits are transformed into growth-enhancing capital investments is changing before our eyes.  Governments now struggle to identify appropriate economic and regulatory responses through established (IMF; Basel Committee; BIS; IOSCO; IAIS; EU) and newer (Group of Twenty; bilateral strategic economic dialogues) structures.  Working together or unilaterally, their decisions are re-balancing expectations and responsibilities across the value chain in financial markets, affecting the shape and structure of financial intermediation and economic growth for the next generation.  Companies and their financiers as well as investors seek independent perspective on macro-trends in global regulatory policy as they reconsider their strategic direction amid continued political volatility.

How will your company plot its strategic direction, deliver shareholder value and continue creating jobs under these conditions? How will your company make good decisions tomorrow about financing options, transparency priorities, balance sheet disclosures, corporate governance and capital allocations amid dramatic changes in the financial markets and their regulatory structure?

In its first year of operation, during the most challenging economic period in living memory, the Company has built a client base consisting of senior executives at some of the most elite financial firms in the world.  BCM International Regulatory Analytics LLC provides tools for boards, risk managers, and senior executives to distinguish between the noise of the daily news cycle so they can navigate across strategically important developments and cross-currents to deliver shareholder value and job creation.  We are committed to providing clients with solid, independent, clear, experienced and cost-effective insight into complex and inter-related global policy trends using proprietary and tailored analytical tools to suit the needs of individual clients.

The Founder

Barbara C. Matthews founded the company in 2008, based on the proposition that a solid and cost-effective assessment of the nexus between risk and public policy directions can help senior executives chart new strategic directions.

Ms. Matthews has been a leader in global financial regulatory policy issues for over 18 years.  She has created new value, strategic directions, and business lines while working in leadership positions in the private sector (as Associate Banking Advisor (1992-1994) and then as Banking Advisor and Regulatory Counsel (1996-2003) at the Institute of International Finance, Inc.) and in government (as Senior Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee (2003-2005) and as U.S. Treasury Attaché to the European Union (2006-2008)).  As such, she has worked closely with financial engineers and senior management of the world’s largest financial institutions, as well as senior financial policymakers and government officials since 1991 on a broad range of policy matters.  She has deep, concrete experience in dealing with the risk management and political implications of:  the savings & loan and BCCI crises in the United States; the establishment of the Financial Services Action Plan in the European Union; the East Asian financial markets crisis; the Basel 2 credit risk capital framework; the Market Risk Amendment to Basel 1; valuation standards, including mark-to-market accounting; implementation of the international provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act; insurance regulatory capital; and, most recently, the onset of the credit crisis while working in Brussels as the U.S. Treasury Department’s Attaché to the European Union.

This experience provides significant political experience in global regulatory policy paired with deep substantive knowledge in how those policies affect the shape and structure of financial intermediation and economic policy decision-making.

A frequent speaker at high-level senior-executive events and conferences over the years in Asia, the GCC, Europe, Latin America, and the United States, she is listed in various Who’s Who publications.  She has also been interviewed regarding global regulatory policy issues for major U.S. media (including National Public Radio and CNBC) and major global media (including the Financial Times, the International Herald Tribune, RISK) and specialized news outlets (including Global Risk Regulator).  A respected author on a broad range of legal and risk management topics, she is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Center for European Policy Studies, and the Bar of the State of New York.  By training a lawyer (J.D and LL.M. in Comparative and International Law, both from Duke University School of Law), she also holds a B. Sc. F.S. from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.